3 Ways To Recruit Workers

3 Key Member Hiring Tools For Your Business


Consider recruiting at high schools. Member experiences show rural high schools may be most successful compared to alternatives. Schedule a one day visit early in the school year to speak to students during their lunch time. It is important to develop relationships and extend offers prior to the wind-down before graduation.

3 Tips For High School Construction Recruiting:

  1. Bring Relevant Materials To Support Your Efforts – A one-pager about your company, signs, photos, a sign-in sheet, business cards, small candies and full-size candy bars or other small item (if they complete an application).
  2. Don’t Be Afraid To Get To Know Students – Ask their names and get a feel for their interests and career goals. Remember that not everyone is made for an office job. Get interested in them.
  3. Ask For Commitments – Offer a full-size candy bar or other item, if they complete your application. Make sure everyone completes the sign-in sheet. Follow up by phone after the event, thank them and ask them when they might like to visit your company. Create a positive relationship.


If your policies allow for it, individuals leaving prison may be a great source of employees for your business. You will need to provide a corrections representative your job criteria and any criminal background restrictions you might have. Corrections personnel will then share your job posting across  multiple locations.

Contact for Utah Department of Corrections (as of August 2017):

• Agent Valerie Cassity – Adult Probation and Parole Division of the Utah Department of Corrections – Phone: (801)-608-6042 or Email: vcassity@utah.gov


Indeed is free to use, and also allows job sponsorships which enables employers to dedicate a specific budget towards per job marketing. According to SilkRoad, Indeed delivers 65% of all hires made in the United States.Therefore, if you are not using Indeed yet, you probably should be.

 5 Tips For Using Indeed To Recruit Talent:

  1. Repeat Job Title Keywords 4-5 Times – Indeed job searches are based on relevance, so by featuring your job title 4 to 5 times, you will ensure Indeed moves it to as early a search page as possible.
  2. Get Ideas From Your Competition – Do test searches for your position type and learn from your competition. If their unsponsored job post is appearing before yours, try to take away some tips.
  3. Use Job Titles That Real People Search – Not Just What Your Company Calls A Job – Try to put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. He or she may be searching for a different title than you are using.
  4. Complete Your Indeed Company Page – A company’s brand may make or break a candidate applying to a job. Take advantage of the opportunity Indeed gives its users to present their brand.
  5. Check Analytics To Adjust Your Job Post – Indeed provides analytics that shows click-through and application rates for each job. Be sure to review these metrics to see how your job could be adjusted.


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