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Encourage employees to sign up on social and provide stories using #ibuildamerica


3 Key Member Hiring Tools For Your Business


Promote the value of construction on social media as well as in your local community 

How do you show America what construction is all about?

Start with social media! Your company can add to the conversation that’s already happening through a variety of social media outlets. Even if your company doesn’t have an account, you can be certain a majority of those who work for you are on social sites.

Get involved by creating a social media account or actively use your current one to post all of the amazing things happening at your company. Include the #ibuildamerica hashtag on any post so we can share it across a larger audience. This will help your company get the exposure it deserves.

Share things like:

Project photos or videos • News about your company • Awards you’ve won • Project updates • People who work for you • New equipment or technology you’re using • Fun facts about your company • Company activities, picnics, retreats, and culture
How does posting on social media help your company?
  • Your company has free exposure to a larger audience.
  • You can market your company to potential customers in real time.
  • You will attract and recruit talent into your company.
  • Your employees can engage with your company and share what they do with friends and family.
How does posting on social media help construction and the I Build America movement?
  • It unifies the various construction voices into one conversation. There’s power in numbers.
  • Through a constant stream of photos and videos, you allow America to get a glimpse into construction they’ve never had. With understanding comes appreciation.
  • Knowledge is power. The more educated the public is regarding every aspect of construction, the more the industry can begin to see and appreciate positive changes.


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